• Oli

    Any chance I could pick them up like the ‘Black Beasts’ ? I’m in Melbourne.

  • pk

    Hope you got some 13 for the big boys

  • Jordan Baird

    December is getting more and more expensive.

  • paofc013bs13

    how will cost?

  • Funkaholik

    Now Gimme my fucking Blaze of glory the OG the great white
    i missed them at 30th november
    I don’t even like yours Newbalancasicsadidastiger s-s-suka sneakers and Puma for shure but these are straight graals like one dude says and i want a fucking collection of them all
    They are the best i ever saw!!!
    And you know what sneakerfreaker wankers
    i will buy a pair
    go to china
    make a copy
    run a new brand of footwear
    and it’ll be only blazes with different design and modifications
    they will be available to all
    and it’ll be awesome
    and like everyone else from a bootleger i will become a huge millioner !!!!!!

  • Terrell

    anybody know the retail price ?

  • PoWPoWWhosThere

    These are INSANE! The price will probably be even more insane..

  • Wave Suave

    Def need these in my life!

  • Matt Mitchell


  • True Duke

    You should do a raffle to give us a bit more hope of getting a pair…

  • Dimoe

    These are nice to be pumas>>>

  • Mette

    Are u kidding me?? Sold out after 30 seconds?

  • Mette

    Are U kidding me?? Sold out after 30 seconds? So much for getting up at 2am…

  • Kevin So

    130 retail price

  • Peter

    $1200 USD for US 11 “Baits”,…
    What do you,s think???