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Yohji Yamamoto Brightens Up the Harigane

Yohji Yamamoto certainly has a penchant for black, but that doesn’t mean he shies away from colour. Brightly hued Kaiwas and Suberous have popped up in recent Y-3 seasons, and the Japanese designer has now taken a similar approach to the Harigane.

The silhouette has previously appeared in more brooding tones but is now going bold. The white Primeknit keeps things simple up top, but the red and yellow building-block sole adds the avant-garde punch we expect from the high fashion line. Lastly, a zigzag lace system nods to the Three Stripes with a final flourish, while sawtooth tread down below ensures you won’t slip and slide down the runway.

If you’re feeling Y-3’s cheerful offering, they’re available from Feature now.

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