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Twins Go Boob to Boob for Yeezy #SUPERMOON Campaign (NSFW)

Well when you’re on to a good thing, do it to death. Yeezy’s Season 6 campaign was a roaring success. There was just something about seeing Kim K getting out of a car and Paris Hilton holding a lollipop... the IG-focused strategy lit a fire under online marketing, which makes sense when you think about the Kardashians’ combined IG following being somewhere in the hundreds of millions. And so Ye is giving the tactic another run.

To promote the Yeezy 500 ‘Supermoon Yellow’, we see the Clermont Twins again with the kooky shoe on-foot, and in various poses (we’ll leave it up to you decide if sisters wrapped around each other near-naked hugging is weird.)

A rabble of influencers are called in to flex the Rat and kick hype into overdrive – search #SUPERMOON on IG, though be warned, some are NSFW. Raffles were drawn last week, so undoubtedly resale sites will be stocked to the nines.

Now ReadingTwins Go Boob to Boob for Yeezy #SUPERMOON Campaign (NSFW)

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