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Titolo X Reebok Ventilator (Desert Dawn)

Switzerland is synonymous with gorgeous frosted mountain tops, rolling greenery, bright days and long cold nights, but Google will quickly correct your search of 'Switzerland desert' to 'Switzerland dessert' for good reason – you're much more likely to chance upon some spitzbuben and Swiss rolls than barren sands when exploring the fertile land. The Swiss are an enlightened, wealthy and well-traveled people, though, and their sneaker supremos Titolo are capturing the spirit of faraway landscapes with this new Reebok Ventilator colab.

A fair assumption for a desert-themed sneak would be sandy hues, but Titolo show their finesse here and mix it up, attempting to capture a desert panorama viewed at dawn. The pitch black skies that envelop the bone-chilling dust bowl are represented with dark navy panelling, layers of red channel the clouds that blush a bloody red as the sun rises, and the grey, soon-to-be blisteringly hot sand dunes emerge into view on the toebox. Contrary to the cliché, sometimes the most beautiful things aren't simple – there's a lot to this one and Titolo have definitely nailed a unique aesthetic. The Titolo x Reebok Ventilator 'Desert Dawn' arrives at select retailers this Saturday, July 25.

Originally published July 21, 2015

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