In 1990, Reebok was bossing the basketball shoe game but was also harbouring some serious ambitions to reach the upper echelon of the running category. Enter the Ventilator. Reebok had a few promising running models on their books, like the Sole Trainer 5000, Pump Running and Racer-X, but the Ventilator was (fittingly) a breath of fresh air. It prided itself as a bastion of both fly design and technical innovation. Hexalite heel cushioning, the Energy Return System, Hy-Elvaloy midsole foam, Hypalon and Duratrac outsoles, Pellethane stability and CoolMax sickliness made for a formidable arsenal of innovation (and preposterous technology names) at Reebok’s disposal. The first loud colourways with flashes of pink or green suited their birth era perfectly, and the shark skin-esque panelling was a modern design flourish that proved an instant hit with an athletic market that was keener than ever to dress to impress. In 2015, Reebok celebrates the 25th birthday of this significant sneaker, with a slew of collaborations with some of the world’s hottest retailers, as well as a new campaign to revive the OG Ventilator headed by Kendrick Lamar.