PUMA NeverWorn Capsule
PUMA NeverWorn Capsule
PUMA NeverWorn Capsule
PUMA NeverWorn Capsule
,PUMA NeverWorn Capsule

The PUMA NeverWorn Capsule Demonstrates Ageing Gracefully

PUMA are the latest brand to remake their classic sneakers with an artificially aged look but, unlike many that attempt the treatment, they manage to make it appear somewhat natural. As the name of the NeverWorn capsule suggests, the sneakers in this collection are designed as if they have been sitting deadstock in an archive for decades and only just emerged.

The Big Cat has taken a ‘less is more’ approach by simply using black colourways with evenly yellowed midsoles and pale beige laces. Materials such as leather, suede and nylon are kept relatively untampered, but there is something of a rustic quality to the texture. Well-known Formstripe models like the Suede and Slipstream make an appearance, while lesser-seen styles including the Blaze of Glory (a SF favourite) and Space Lab also will be in the mix.

‘The Archive is our passion and symbolizes for me the most important thing: to learn from the old to create something new – without heritage there is no future,’ said Helmut Fischer, Chief Archivist at PUMA. ‘You show the people what we already had, and as time goes on, we create something new out of it. The Archive is PUMA’s soul out of which those new products are being created.’

Select styles from the PUMA NeverWorn capsule are available now from select stockists, and a second drop of additional products will come in February 2022.

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