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Nike Introduce SuperRep Workout and Gym Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Superrep Blue LateralNike Air Zoom Superrep Blue Lateral
Nike Air Zoom Superrep Blue Zoom Detail
Nike Air Zoom Superrep Pink Lateral
Nike Air Zoom Superrep Pink Upper Detail
Nike Superrep Cycle Black Lateral
Nike Superrep Go Black Lateral

As we approach a new year, it’s time to set some resolutions for 2020 that you probably won’t meet. However,  are giving you a fighting chance with a new range that may offer some motivation: SuperRep.

Designed primarily for rigorous and intense workouts, the SuperRep line will debut with three silhouettes: the Air Zoom SuperRep, SuperRep Cycle and SuperRep Go.

The Air Zoom SuperRep reveals visible Zoom units in the heel, arranged similarly to the unreleased runners worn by Eliud Kipchoge when he recently ran a sub two-hour marathon.

The SuperRep Cycle is an indoor cycling shoe – the first offering for close to a decade – and is compatible with major cleat systems.

The SuperRep Go is likely a portable workout option, for confined workout spaces, or on-the-go exercises.

The roll out of SuperRep will take place from December 17 for Nike Members in Europe, first with the Air Zoom SuperRep. Its global release is on January 2, 2020. The other silhouettes will follow in the months after.

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