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New Balance Unveils Two New 574 Sport Styles

Nb574 GroupfeatureNb574 Groupfeature

Following the successful  debut of the  574 Sport last month, New Balance have announced a fresh collection that includes two new styles for men and women. Releasing later this month, the new Fresh Foam sole design continues to amaze with its high-level comfort and stability; we’ll be watching with keen interest to see if the model evolves in a fashion similar to the  247.

While one style nods to the heritage runner’s past with use of premium suede and a heathered stretched mesh upper, the second is a dynamic take on the updated silhouette.  The result is a versatile collection with progressive styling that stays true to the brand’s performance roots.

Inspired by the shoe’s off-road heritage, earthy tones ‘Castlerock’ and grey look entirely at home on the suede and heathered stretched mesh upper of these ‘Suede’ unisex releases. Alternative, the women’s colourways offer playful shades of ‘Thistle’ purple and ‘Copper Rose’ for a lighter take on the 574S. Heathered stretched mesh lends breathability to the toebox, but its use across the bootie collar adds a refreshing new element to the silhouette.

New Balance has mastered the art of combining the company’s performance heritage with contemporary styling, and this knack for the remix is on full display in the Suede collection. The old-meets-new approach brings depth to the lifestyle sneaker, but for those after more pronounced modern stylings, there’s another new 574S.

Named the 574S Athletic, this version sports a unique synthetic/mesh upper and welded ‘N’ logo that further streamlines the design. Keeping it simple with three colourways that pair predominately white sole units with solid black, white and navy uppers, this 574S blurs the line between its OG 80s roots and new-school styling.

To round things off, two women’s colourways are also included. Offered in white and black, both feature metallic accents to lend a little extra pop. This evolution of the 574 Sport showcases the versatility of the new silhouette without wandering too far from its sporty roots – testament to the universal appeal of the 574.

The New Balance 574 Sport Suede and Athletic collections will release on August 5th at and select retailers worldwide, while the castlerock, thistle, and navy editions will follow on September 5th.

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