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Livestock X Reebok Ventilator

Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red
Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red 2
Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red 3
Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red 4
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Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red 6
Reebok Ventilator Livestock Red 7

Toronto and Vancouver sneaker suppliers are Canada’s sole representative in Reebok’s global Certified Network, and they proudly represent the North with their new design.

The chief inspiration is autumn, more specifically the transformation that happens around this time of year. The suede front-end embodies the beginning of the period coming out of summer, when rich red maple leaves fall to the ground, and connects with nubuck burgundy overlays out back, which symbolise the dark leaves Canucks are accustomed to seeing in autumn. The Livestock crew also draw a metaphor between the seasonal changes and their own growth as a business.

Features include sweet candy-red leather stripes stitched into the rugged midfoot wire mesh and a bright white midsole that provides welcome contrast. Livestock also stamp their branding on the heel and insoles, while the outsole employs red and burgundy colour blocking in an alternate formation to the upper.

The Livestock x Reebok Ventilator is a strictly limited release and will be available on October 24 from both Livestock’s Toronto stores, the Chinatown and West 4th stores in Vancouver and Livestock’s website.

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