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Limiteditions X Reebok Ventilator (Sulphur)

UPDATE: Reminder that these are available from today, don't sleep!

Barcelona is one of the world’s fashion Meccas, so it’s fitting that the city’s sneaker scene also boasts one of Europe’s most exciting and enterprising stores. LimitEDitions have taken ‘sneaker story telling’ to new levels of narrative intricacy in the last few years, and they have paired esoteric design and a compelling tale once again on this new ‘Sulphur’ Reebok Ventilator.

It seems like the limitEDitions crew paid attention during science class and is ready to school us on the periodic table. Sulphur is a key ingredient in the production of the Ventilator’s rubber outsoles, and the design of this Ventilator takes inspiration from the warm natural colour of the nonmetal element and of tones found at the famous sulpur mine in the lake Hakone, Japan. Rich suedes abound across the upper and alchemy symbol swing tags and embroidery finish it off.

Both the concept and construction of the limitEDitions x Reebok Ventilator ‘Sulphur’ have been superbly executed. The collaboration will release on the 10th of October at limitEDitions and Reebok Certified Network retailers worldwide.

- Originally Published 6th October, 2015

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