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Highs & Lows X Reebok Ventilator

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have attained rarefied status in the global sneaker scene; it’s an achievement that is all the more impressive given their remote location of Perth, Australia. They’ve connected with Reebok on several occasions to design new colourways of basketball and running silhouettes from the Classics range, and now add a colab to their collection.

The ‘White Smoke’ Ventilator serves as a cleansing coda to 2015 for the retailer, as they take inspiration from the Catholic custom of using incense and vapour to signify beginning anew. The upper features Ultra Ventile fabric, which is a modern Reebok running material, to give the Ventilator what might be its most oxygenated execution yet. Layers of white and off-white leather and suede overlay the breezy fabric to forge a trim and simple sneaker that is suited to everyday wear, while worn-out leather lining and gum soles supply a nice colour contrast.

The Highs & Lows x Reebok Ventilator will be released on November 21st at HAL stores and Reebok Certified Network retailers worldwide.

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