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Hanon X Reebok Ventilator

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Based in Aberdeen, is one of the UK's finest independent sneaker retailers. Pride for their northern roots and hometown runs deep, something that Brian and Ed Toft, Hanon’s owners, have always woven into their collaboration projects.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary, Hanon’s interpretation riffs off the legend of Scotland’s famed warrior-king, Robert the Bruce. The King's observation of a spider determined to build a home instilled in him the willpower to triumph over the English in a series of epic battles.

The footbed on Hanon’s Ventilator is laced with webbing and there’s a spider embossed into the heel. A ‘Tout Jour Prest’ slogan adorns the tongue tag, which translates to ‘Always Ready’ under the Carmichael crest. Tonally, the emerald green and mint combo symbolises the rolling Scottish hills, while the creeping purple on the sole and eyelets depict the moss on the stone fences that criss-cross the country.

The Hanon x Reebok Ventilator will be released at Hanon and select Reebok Certified Network retailers from April 18.

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