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atmos X Reebok Ventilator

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UPDATE: If you want to get into the latest atmos collaboration, head into Reebok Certified Network retailers today for the connect!

Tokyo's sneaker scene is exalted as a global trend setter, and Shibuya-born  has been a crucial supplier of the city's footwear fashion for well over a decade. In that time Atmos have been tapped up by brands for numerous collaborations, many of which have been met with intense demand, including a stark take on the earlier this year. Now they're taking on Reebok's runner, and have sought to represent their hometown through the arresting design.

Opting for a primarily two-tone treatment of black and 'atmos-blue', the upper embodies the bright spirit of Tokyo at night. The Japanese capital is always switched on, with people flooding the city at all hours for work and play. It's not always welcoming, though, so atmos rep the rough side of the city through a splatter-printed cement midsole and a course weave mesh around the midfoot and toebox. It's a modern take on a classic runner that will look just right under neon lights.

The atmos x Reebok Ventilator will be released September 19 at atmos stores and Reebok Certified Network retailers worldwide.

- Originally Published 15th September, 2015

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