Adidas Y3 Snow Model Thumb
Adidas Y3 Sprint Green
Adidas Y3 Tokio Trainer
Adidas Y3 Sprint Blue
Adidas Y3 Sprint Black
Adidas Y3 Smooth Star Navy
,Adidas Y3 Sala Classic
Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri White
Adidas Y3 Honja Low Navy
Adidas Y3 Honja Low Black
Adidas Y3 Courtside White
Adidas Y 3 Boxing
Adidas Y 3 Boxing Black
Adidas Y3 Spirit Green
Adidas Y3 Snow Model
Adidas Y3 Snow Model Black
Adidas Y3 Smooth Star
Adidas Y3 Smooth Model
,Adidas Y3 Sala High
Adidas Y3 Sala High Navy
Adidas Y3 Sala High Black
Adidas Y3 Qasa High
Adidas Y3 Low
Adidas Y3 Kazuhiri
Adidas Y3 Honja High
Adidas Y3 Honja High Black
Adidas Y3 Held Grey
Adidas Y3 Held Black
Adidas Y3 Courtside

Y-3 Fw 2013 Footwear Collection

Yohji Yamamoto continues to push the boundaries of conventional footwear with his refreshing Fall/Winter adidas Y-3 2013 collection. At the same time as offering a fashion forward alternative for sneaker savvy clientele, Yamamoto leans back into the adidas archive to breathe new life into some classic models. The Superster takes on an elasticised ankle bootie to forge the Y-3 Snow Model, while a slew of new silhouettes are introduced including our personal standout favourite the Qasa. Although we get a kick out of Yohji's bright and flamboyant tendencies, this range was custom created for the cooler months and adopts a muted colour palette, making the releases easily matchable with any wardrobe. The collection is arriving at Y-3 stockists now with the full range also available online directly from the Y-3 website.

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