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Where to Buy the New Balance 9060 ‘Mindful Grey’

New Balance 9060 Sea Salt U9060MAC
Image Credit: 43einhalb
New Balance 9060 Sea Salt U9060MAC
Image Credit: 43einhalb
New Balance 9060 Sea Salt U9060MAC
Image Credit: Oneness

News on this release was first published on June 28, 2022.

Update July 11, 2022: The New Balance 9060 'Mindful Grey' will be hitting shelves around the globe on July 16! Head down below for the retailers that'll be stocked come drop day.

Off the back of the Joe Freshgoods collaboration and soon the Mowalola pairs, the New Balance 9060 is seeing some more palatable GR releases that will also be hopefully easier to cop. The palatable part is almost literal, as this new ‘Mindful Grey’ colourway is certainly delectable.

The 9060 is definitely the most conceptual and futuristic of NB’s designs yet, which sometimes proudly sit in their own austere lane. This model takes most conventional shoe thinking and throws it out the window, as its jagged lines and layered upper is a juxtaposition of the brand’s tried and true cues with exaggerated elements. The latter, of course, refers to the wild midsole with its enlarged components and dramatic scooped arch.

Applying tonal colourways can sometimes be a low-effort approach by brands to simplify sneakers and make them more approachable for less daring consumers. However, the white and beige ‘Sea Salt’ finish on this 9060 only helps to emphasise how full-on its design, textures and lines are. Dabs of grey on the N logos and lining help ground the shoe in familiar territory, plus a little triangle of aqua on the tongue stops things going too flat.

The New Balance 9060 ‘Mindful Grey’ is available from Oneness right now, who are currently stipulating an in-store policy for this particular pair.

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