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Kevin Durant Mocks Swaggy P for Mid-Game Yeezy Stunt

Nick Young was out to impress on Tuesday night when he busted out a fresh pair of 'Blush' Yeezy 500s to go up against the Knicks. His decision to stunt on-court drew mixed responses, the best of which came from teammate Kevin Durant.

When Young posted an on-court shot of his new Yeezys in action, KD was quick to comment with a single Nauseated Face Emoji. Lol.

With a Nike contract worth in excess of $200 million to his name, it comes as no surprise that Durant, 2017's Finals MVP, would disapprove of his teammate's ill-conceived flex of adidas lifestyle sneakers – with exactly zero performance advantage – during a professional game.

It didn't help that Swaggy P only managed to score three points in 15 minutes of game time compared to Durant's 22 for 28. Ouch!

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