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Here's How People Are Styling the Yeezy 500 'Bone White'

Monsieurbanana Yeezy 500 Bone White On FootMonsieurbanana Yeezy 500 Bone White On Foot

for everyone. Many of you were keen to show off your acquisition of the latest colourway, known as 'Bone White'. Searching the #yeezy500bonewhite hashtag on the Gram was a treasure trove of resellers showing off their 'plug' piles, stock literally on hands, the same five photos reposted across 500 counterfeit accounts, and the illusive on-foot snap.

Kudos to those who were able to cop a pair thanks to our guide. Two thumbs up if you actually intend on wearing your pair. If you missed out, try for a pair on the secondary market before prices inevitably rise.

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