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Hanon Announce Sudden Closure of Aberdeen Flagship Store

Scottish boutique Hanon have announced the imminent closure of their Aberdeen flagship store, shifting all retail operations to online only.

Brothers Brian and Edward Toft began selling sneakers and clothing out of a makeshift shop at their parents’ house in the late 1980s before moving into a proper retail location in their hometown of Elgin. Originally trading as ‘Streethreds’, the Tofts changed the store name to Hanon in 1993 when they moved to larger premises in Aberdeen.

Hanon soon became one of the most important and influential hubs in the UK, cementing itself as a go-to destination for sneakerheads as they picked up exclusive releases. Naturally, the store amassed dozens of their own collaborations as their cultural cachet grew.

Despite this seeming strengthening of brand and success for over 30 years as an independent retailer, Hanon said ‘increased economic pressures exasperated by the pandemic and a shifting retail landscape has meant that conditions are at a point where the shop is no longer viable.’

This is the latest blow for boutique retailing in the UK, with the recent closure of Oi Polloi in Manchester another sizeable loss for the region.

Hanon’s final day of brick-and-mortar trade will be Saturday, June 10.

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