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The Only 'Supermoon Yellow' Yeezy 500 Raffle List You Need

Yeezy 500 Raffle List 1

‘Supermoon Yellow’ returns on June 9. Finally, your foot-game can be on par with without having to .

This time, the Desert Rat will drop in larger numbers, but that doesn’t mean it'll be easy to get a pair. Those unwilling to pay resale prices will need to be astute, alert and attentive – it's all about which retailers you can hit up to improve odds of purchasing. We understand that can be a pain, so, to ease the burden (and scope which raffles we can enter ourselves) we compiled the only Yeezy 500 Supermoon Yellow raffle list you need.

Check out all 21, see which ones you’re eligible for, and maybe you’ll get the Yeezys needed to perfect your weekend Starbucks trip.


Sign up via their 'Customer Drawing' section here.

Slam Jam Socialism

Sign up to their online raffle  here.

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