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Sneaker Freaker's Midyear 2018 Staff Picks

100X735 Midyear100X735 Midyear

With half of 2018 tucked away, we’re reflecting on the year’s best sneaker releases.

After publishing thousands of articles on the industry so far, it can be hard to get perspective, so we got together to ask ourselves a few questions. Has 2018 been good for sneakers, or bad? Has it been a mellow or robust start to 2018? Where is the industry at and where is it headed?

The answer in short: it’s been batshit crazy.

This year will be remembered for hosting an inter-corporation battle of the bulk. Heft has been heaped on to varying effect, with the best designs being an affront on the senses we’ve grown to love. As a result, our staff picks got weird.

Retros will always have a special place in our hearts, but this round of favourites deviates from the norm and puts the ‘freak’ in Sneaker Freaker.

We’re just as surprised as anyone that the React Element 87 didn’t make the cut — but then again, few choices in this list are obvious ones.

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