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Interview: Simon and Amadeus From the 'Oh, Schuhen!' Podcast

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Fresh off releasing the 50th episode of their ever-popular sneaker podcast ‘Oh, Schuhen!’, hosts Simon and Amadeus caught up with us to provide an insight into local sneaker culture, how everything started, and why Germany was late to the podcast party.

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You’ve both been in the sneaker industry for quite some while now. How did you both get into sneakers?
Amadeus: Skateboarding and basketball kicked off everything for me back in the mid-90s. It was that mixture of footwear you need to do your thing, as well as the style aspect. Without skateboarding and basketball, none of the things I do today would’ve happened.

Simon: I totally agree. It’s all about skateboarding and basketball! I was wearing Vans Cab 4s and FILA Grant Hill 2s in 1997, and I remember watching MJ at the 1992 Olympics. These moments totally made me fall in love with shoes.

You started the podcast two years ago. How did everything begin?
A: Regarding the international market, Germany was – as always – late to the party, but there was no podcast about the sneaker and streetwear culture. We started the podcast because we love sneakers and streetwear – it was that simple. We’d been around the scene for a while, so we thought there would be people interested. There were quite a few, thankfully.

S: We met for breakfast and I brought two microphones with me, and we recorded the first episode in my kitchen. The quality of the sound was terrible. Nevertheless, we uploaded this very first episode, and it kind of paved the way for the next episodes. We had a lot of good learnings from the first episode but, to be honest, we never thought of making 45-plus episodes.

Why did you choose the podcast format compared to a more visual kind of thing, like YouTube?
A: It wasn’t a case of one thing vs. another, but we liked the idea of ‘just’ talking to each other.

Simon, you have had your own YouTube channel for some time together with Hikmet Sugoer. Why did you stop doing it?
S: I started TurnschuhTV back in 2013, and asked Hikmet to join and support. We had a good chemistry in front and behind the camera, and this started growing from episode to episode. After four or five years, it became difficult to coordinate dates for our weekly shootings. Hikmet left solebox and started Sonra and projects with Collonil. I had a video production company with my business partner Benni, and we had our own projects besides the show. In late 2018, I received an offer by Sven Voth from SNIPES to join his team. I agreed to his offer, which was definitely one of the best decisions in my career. I joined SNIPES in 2019, and haven’t had the time to do TurnschuhTV since then.

Who has been the most memorable guest so far?
A: There have been a few interviews, from people at the forefront of the scene, to people who are working in the background. There’s also been artists, musicians, and so on. We really like to talk to different people and hear different kind of views and stories. We both have a journalistic background, so that’s a very important part of ‘Oh, Schuhen!’.

It’s always great to meet up with Tim from Patta Amsterdam, because he shows love for us over the barriers of countries or languages, and it’s always great to combine a holiday in another city or country with meeting new and interesting people.

S: That reminds me of our road trip to Düsseldorf for the release of the ASICS GEL-Lyte III ‘Koi’ by AFEW, with Sneakerness 2018 in Cologne on the same weekend. After we celebrated the pre-release of the ‘Koi’, we went to dinner with the AFEW team and a few other guys. We ended up quite intoxicated with Andreas and Marco from AFEW, and interviewed them next to an almost empty 3L bottle of Sake, before we went to a karaoke bar.

Since you started doing the podcast, there are now more and more podcasts around. Why do you think people start doing it?
A: Podcasting is on-trend. Maybe it’s easier for some to do just a podcast, maybe they see the statistics and think they can turn it into a business? Maybe they just want to have a platform to talk some bullshit? I don’t know. However, it’s good to see creative people doing creative things. That’s something I really like to support!

Whats next for you and ‘Oh, Schuhen!’?
A: Just having a good time. That’s the most important thing.

S: … and maybe a few more drinks in Dusseldorf, too.

You can listen to 'Oh,Schuhen!' here.

Pics via Marie Schoeniger.

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