CitySole.com have sent in some great photos of the recently releases Spiz’ike for Women. The first of its kind, this limited colorway consists of black and ice blue with dabs of pink. As far as Women colorways go, its on the tougher side with only small lashings of the ‘compulsory’ pink.

This one truly is just for the ladies. A great combination of black suede and patent leather mixed with bright ice blue and the always vibrant pink fire is sure to break necks as the first Womens Spiz’ike. What do you think ladies? We’re keen to hear your feedback, maybe a lace flip is in order? Either way don’t sleep on these, to pick up a pair hit CitySole.com for a huge range of kicks and some of the best prices you’ll find.

Women’s Air Jordan Spi’zike
Black/Pinkfire-Ice Blue