You’ve got to give it up to Vans on this one. It’s nice to see the company recognises people outside of skate, wear their shoes. It’s even better to see they’ve taken note of all the fixieheads wearing their shoes to ride in and decided to adapt said shoes for that purpose. What they’ve done is simple yet ingenious. You get a Vans Era, change the materials in the areas that wear away quickly (read ballistic nylon and leather instead of canvas). They’ve also added some 3M to the laces for extra reflective bits during night rides and a saddlebag for small items to take on your ride to give you the total package. Some of the SF staff ride to work and have given these a go, most ride in Vans anyway so this was no real stretch. That being said, the change in materials is greatly appreciated in the increased life-span of the shoe and as mentioned, before the touches of 3M are cool and functional. Expect these to be at your local Vans dealer very soon if not already