Bodega and Reebok are back at it, tricking out the Night Sky model with a colourful take inspired by classic adventure wear. Road tested by Bodega’s famous four-fingered intern Terry Blay, the Skys are dubbed ‘Nappy Dugouts’ thanks to the deep shaggy muppet-skin suede that envelops the uppers. The neutral uppers ignite with bright varsity blue accents, rounded off with a cool natural gum outsole for hugging the toughest terrain. Available April 16 for $135 with a matching tee and water bottle, they’re exclusive to the Bodega store and website. Check them out below, and read the last chilling journal entries from Terry Blay after his harrowing mountain ascent.


03/20, 20:14
Alive and Deliverance are buffering right now on YouTube.  Per recommendations from industry reps, I will watch them and hope to be inspired.
[EDIT:] Just finished the movies, and my mind is officially blown.  I will ride my bike to the Eddie Bauer Outlet tomorrow to get some gear and prepare.  Am I ready for the outdoors?  Or is the outdoors ready for me?

03/21, 15:33
Showed up a few hours late to work ‘cause I had to go to the EB Outlet.  Sometimes people just don’t understand what it takes.  People at the shop are saying they’re sick of me, so they want me to head up to the mountains and field test my Night Sky boots.

03/22, 09:36
The ascent begins…

03/22, 09:45
I’ve bunkered down and established base camp.  This tent got tricky on me, but I figured it out.  My boots and rations should hold me over for now…
[EDIT:] I definitely didn’t pack enough food.  I need to look for some vegetation.

03/22, 11:53
Found something edible at the base of a tree.  Looked like one of my snacks… almost like a Twinkie.

03/22, 13:??
Not sure if I’m seeing things, but I definitely saw a wolverine chasing a copperhead snake.  My mouth is so dry.  I want to go find my spirit animal.  I wish I had my Xbox up here.  I feel like my tent was a different color earlier.  Am I in someone else’s tent?

03/22, ??:??
These birds outside are killing my high.  Why does nature hate me?

03/22, ??:??
Found what looks like a squirrel next to my tent.  I made a piece out of it since I forgot some necessities back in reality.  I’m pretty sure that’s what my spirit animal would want me to do.

03/23, 07:24
What the hell happened yesterday?  It must’ve been that Twinkie I found.  I need to fight my way off this mountain.  I can’t be up here another night.