The Retro Running and Retro Sport collection are comprised of several styles: The Pump Graphlite, the ERS Racer, ERS 2000, NPC UK and the BB 5600. We have managed to get our hands on images of the Pump, ERS 2000, NPC UK and the BB 5600.

Introduced in 1992, the Pump Graphlite can be argued to be one of the most innovative releases at that time.  It features an underfoot graphite composite bridge, an EVA midsole with Hexalite embedded in the heel whilst the PUMP system adjusts for the perfect fit.

The ERS 2000, is a key heritage model from Reebok’s early 1990s running line. The ERS 2000 will be introduced in it’s original form down to colors and materials. The name of this collection is derived from the broad versatile selection including basketball, running, and tennis silhouettes.

We’ll be sure to post the Pump Graphlite when we get hold of a photo..



ERS 2000


BB 5600