Anyone who remembers the Terra Humara will know what a pivotal shoe it was. Eminently wearable, it had no discernible purpose in life – was it an airbagged trail runner or an urban-assault cross-trainer? Who cares! After a healthy break of what seems like years, it’s great to see this tuffnut back in the game and although the modernist classic in orange/silver/black has not been spotted in the mix so far, this one caught our eye as the best in show to date. Black and yellow works almost every single time and in this case, the basic bouillabaisse of 3M, mesh and felt nuked with the judicious use of a yellow heel and swoosh makes for a perfectly balanced nugget. Yep, it’s tough, quasi-SWAT, man-attitude is more than a little intimidating, but that’s the point.

It’s all too easy to complain about nothing fresh ever making it onto the shelf, so it’s times like this that we have to offer our compliments to the chef. Well done! I’m off to dig out my old beaters… the Airbag on the new Terra Humara feels really soft, which is intriguing because I’m sure my OGs are hard as a rock!