Following a story we broke in Issue 10, here’s the first images of the next wave of Tech Pack. Nike designers, Michael Leon and Jarrett Reynolds have created a new tier of apparel with performance options (like no-sew seams) thrown at a host of classic Nike models, as well as some non-traditional sports garments. The jacket shown below is known as the Bonded Fleece Bomber… finally some Nike apparel worth getting your knickers in a twist over.

Unlike the Okwahn and Rhyolite in the first series, the second series of Tech Pack shoes has been developed with a colour palette that is completely independent to the apparel, so don’t go expecting some crazy mix-up Windrunners anytime soon. Speaking of colour, we’re seriously digging the Air Max in the yellow-midnight navy colour above, but the orange/blue/green safari monster below is probably pushing the boundaries of good taste – each to their own I suppose. 2008 release.