Nike Romaleos (Greek for “Strength”)
One of the most challenging shoes to build for Beijing, the Nike Romaleos is a lightweight, flexible workhorse that can withstand the unique punishment that weightlifters put on their footwear. In a world championship event where a 300-pound man might lift 700 pounds, shoes play a critical role in an athlete’s performance and safety. The most revolutionary innovation in the Nike Romaleos weightlifting shoe is Nike’s exclusive “Power Bridge,” a contoured TPU heel wedge designed to support the foot and bear as much weight as a man can lift, without any compression or give. This technology provides a lightweight alternative to the wooden heel wedge that competitors have been using since the 1960s. The Power Bridge is also a technical advancement because, unlike a flat wood shim, it is contoured to cup the heel, providing stability and comfort under stress. The honeycomb-like system of trusses and bridges in the midsole has been engineered for ultimate strength, helping to ensure that an athlete’s weight stays forward during the intense jerking and lifting motion of competition. A first in Nike footwear design, heel heights have been graded to different elevations for the varying sizes and weight classes of Olympic athletes. This unique system is well-protected by a flat rubber outsole specially designed to minimize wear in the heel.

The upper is constructed from durable synthetic materials that are ultra-supportive with integrated lacing and two large Velcro brand closures that keep the foot locked in place. Inside, elastic has been added to the top of the shoe to flex with the tendons of the foot during the snapping “triple extension” movement of clean and jerk lifting. The Nike Romaleos comes with two different sockliners: a softer insert for training and a harder version for competition, when athletes benefit most from zero deflection as power is transferred through the foot.

For Beijing, special versions of the Nike Romaleos were created for Team USA, Team Ukraine, and Team China. US athletes will wear Obsidian footwear with “Team USA” written on the strap. The Ukrainian version of the shoe has a Royal Blue upper with a Yellow Zest heel wedge and Swoosh. Finally, Chinese weightlifters will have an exclusive version of the Nike Romaleos in a special anodized colorway that shifts between Metallic Gold and Comet Red when light hits it from different angles. It also has a Metallic Gold Swoosh and heel wedge and “China” written on the strap. All three teams will have special sockliners inside decorated with unique graphics created for their countries.

Key Features

-Exclusive Nike contoured TPU heel wedge cups heel and supports foot to provide unmatched lifting stability

-Integrated lacing and double power straps lock foot firmly in place

-Supportive, durable upper materials and construction

-Oustole designed to minimize wear in the heel

-Includes both training and competition sockliners