Here’s something so cute it’s almost a crime! The new Skinny Dunk for ladies has apparently been trimmed down a notch or two, and in this case, they’ve gone one step further and slapped a bunch of cheeky cherries on the upper. So sweet, you can almost taste the forbidden fruit…. Out 2009.


Nike Sportswear Changes the Game to Introduce the Skinny Dunk.
Staying true to the original design ethos of Nike, Nike Sportswear remixed an icon with a distinct focus on innovation. Specially made for the female consumer, the “Skinny” Dunk is Nike Sportswear’s offer for the female who loves authenticity that fits with her wardrobe. Keeping the same silhouette of the “real” deal born in 1985 on the basketball court, Nike Design Director Jesse Leyva worked with a strong team of female designers to adjust the fit of the shoe to the female body.  “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel”, says Leyva. “When you look at the shoe, it’s the Dunk, the icon, nothing more nothing less.” But when you put it on, you discover the difference.  “It’s less bulky, because of the special last we used.” Nike design is all about listening to the athlete. In this case we listen to the female athlete who wants to rock the pop culture icon that compliments her foot and form without sacrificing any elements or aesthetic of the original Dunk silhouette. Simply put, the Skinny Dunk is an innovative mix of fit and feel designed specifically for her.