Following on from our monster Nike ACG feature in the last issue of Sneaker Freaker, here’s a new model that offers an intriguing insight into the footwear direction of the revamped division. Dare we even think such a thing, but it puts us in an early-nineties kinda mood when ACG created hard-ons from here to Tootgarook. The Air Salbis is a three-quarter boot with more than a few prior convictions. Taking a wild guess, we’d say the name is an amalgam of the Sertig and Terra Albis, and then of course there’s the ripstop nicked from the ACG Tallac. Forget all that trainspotter malarkey, this smokin’ hot bootie needs no link to the past – everything looks to be in the correct proportions. We haven’t been so enthralled by a new shoe for what seems like yonks. ACG is back in the big league and the triangle logo never looked so good! FALL RELEASE