Immediately we thought of the Mowabb when we peeped these. Same agile and supportive design but it was mostly the faux human skin color. You know, the color band-aids are, the color fake scalps are. Faux-Skin.


A radiant green midsole and matching laces hints at something more sinister. Perhaps this is an extra-terrestrial posing in human skin hide. The leather is noticeably robust. Given a squeeze it’s apparent the leather is also supple.

Could it be?!


Traditionally ACG footwear donned more earthy hues (yawn), adapting to likely surrounds. Therefore we can only assume these would be perfect for alien cosplay parties or perhaps pseudo-barefoot lawnmowing – that explains the hieroglyphic on the sole.

Regardless, this is a fresh colorway and the type of shoe we’d like to see more of.