Sneaker Freaker readers will know all about the UK’s finest sneaker customiser, Mr Nash Money. With a penchant for total deconstruction of sneakers into new forms, not to mention his keen eye for nutty colourways, Nash has parlayed his talent into a deal with Lacoste and the end result is this all-new Bravington model. Fusing Lacoste heritage with Nash moccasin toes and some abstract panelling, Nash has built a future classic that is remarkably prescient, not to mention fresh as a daisy. Here’s the first two colours – all white for that virginal look and a sweet summertime royal blue. Watch out for our exclusive interview which we’ll post sometime in the next week!


Nash was inspired by the suave and sophisticated heritage of Lacoste and wanted to create something that stayed faithful to this design ethos of the brand. The result is an unmistakably Lacoste shoe that is imbued with Nash identity. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s heritage in yachting, this all-new high-top blends classic Lacoste characteristics with signature Nash design elements including a moccasin cross stitch, hidden laces and fat perforations in the leather.

Premium materials have been utilized on the uppers which merge panels of nubuck, suede, mesh and full-grain leather. Nash’s signature is embossed in the suede panels at the top of the laces. A clean overall effect has been created, yet with attention to detail that makes it a truly luxurious sneaker. White and blue versions launch in July, with two more designs to be unveiled in November.