Jewellery designer and lover of bright colours Melody Ehsani becomes the first woman to collaborate on a Reebok Pump Omni Lite with this new Valentine’s Day edition. Entitled ‘Love Me Or Leave Me Alone’, the new release is a cacophony of colour and mad prints, and can be changed up with different neon lace offerings. Ehsani said she tried to avoid the obvious when making the women’s sneak. “There is a problem when it is assumed that all women want a pink sneaker,’ she said, ‘there is a real lack of consideration for the vast taste and roles women have in society. It shows lack of dimension. ‘Love Me Or Leave Me Alone’ challenges this, and celebrates my love for strong, beautiful and powerful women and it’s an honor for me to express this with a re-interpretation of the Classic Pump.” You’ll be able to get your hands on and feet into this special drop in time for the Hallmark holiday by dropping by Melody’s LA store this Saturday, or grabbing it from select retailers on February 7.