DC is proud to announce that it has teamed with New York artist SSUR for its third collaboration in the DC Artists Projects™ Series. The SSUR III Artist Projects™ shoe will launch November 1, 2008.

“An Eye for an Eye Leaves the Whole World Blind”—that’s the ominous warning running throughout SSUR’s third project with DC. When designing the first half of the project, SSUR III, the artist featured a military thematic as a cautionary tale against war. Earthy and dark greens, blacks and browns set off orange color hits. As with all the other Artist Projects™ he’s done with DC so far, “PAY ME” is stamped across the lace holders.

The Russian born Ruslan Karablin, better known in the art/design world as “SSUR”, has been a constant in the NYC downtown art scene for more than 15 years. Growing up in Coney Island, NY, SSUR entered the New York scene as an outside artist with no formal training. Three main subjects; sex, politics and protest have heavily influenced the SSUR aesthetic.


DC and SSUR first teamed in 2005 to release his first Artists Projects™ shoe. Offered in three colorways, the project featured an exclusive limited version crafted with stingray. Two years later, in 2007, the second project comprised of a shoe, hat, fleece and jeans dropped to select boutiques worldwide.


DC’s Artist Projects™ series is a vehicle for DC to work with artists who influence street culture, fine arts, and popular design. Select artists are given creative control over the design, branding and packaging of a DC shoe. DC’s Artist Projects™ includes models designed by Shepard Fairey, Kaws, Dave Kinsey, Eric So, Phil Frost, Thomas Campbell, Arkitip/Evan Hecox, Andy Howell, Michael Leon, Methamphibian, Natas Kaupas, and Aaron Rose.