Boston brawlers Bodega and heritage boot brand Palladium punch-on with a colab version of Palladium’s signature Baggy boot. Dubbed the ‘Fisticuffs’, the release is an ode to the dapper gents of the Victarian era, who would settle their differences with an orderly hand-to-hand duel. Featuring wool lining, a gusset tongue, herringbone paneling and a premium suede upper, the real pop comes from the knuckle-sandwich that’s stamped beneath the folded tongue. Individually numbered and limited to only 396 pairs globally, you can score yours on November 6th at Bodega Boston. As an extra juicy incentive, five lucky purchasers will score an ‘esssentials kit’ from around the globe, which includes a classic French Opinel pocket knife, a Japanese Straight Edge Nail Clipper from Seki, a British badger hair shaving brush and shaving soap from E Shave, a classic steel razor from Merkur of Germany, as well as some extra Bodega booty. Now put that in your gentleman’s pipe and smoke it!