French street purveyors BlackRainbow aka BKRW team up with CAT footwear to produce two new silhouettes in a groundbreaking collaboration. In a first for both brands, the BKRW crew designed each of their shoes from the ground up, making sure to honour CAT’s ‘work boot’ aesthetic. The results are incredible – fusing a contemporary design with an original concept. Check out the blueprint images below along with the detailed press release and look set for these to drop in December.


Sometimes you have to force yourself to go back to basics, the very foundation of words. In a society that goes faster, with global information and global economy that seems to defy every day the laws of gravity, you have to step back and remember why you do things and project.

Just another collab on the market? Or a real new creation?

When BKRW and CAT had met to work together. The very first concern was for the french team to not fall into the usuals cut/paste patterns. Collaboration to bring a new look, a fresh look and to start something from the scratch. A white sheet to fill up.

A new shoe.

New lines.

A new silhouette.

BlackRainbow is now part of the street-culture and the sneaker culture for almost 5 years, and we did not want to repeat something already done. Not only change the colors of the laces. We wanted to invent a new pair.

The basic idea was simple: if CAT was a sneaker? It would be ours.

So we blindly and patiently constructed from an existing footing this entire footwear collaboration. Patiently, after several designs, we have refined our vision and are bent to the demands of materials, manufacturing to deliver a shoe in three colors.

Greg HERVIEUX of BKRW sneaker designed the CAT, by taking the strong and robust DNA of the American brand as his main guideline, but by adding a touch of finesse with his own twisting culture.

The BlackRainbow x CAT is a real transversal shoes. A bridge between two cultures. It includes many details of the CAT historical styles. Streamline and premium leather for the nobility, and camo print ripstop material for the character. Always this impression of solid and sturdy shoes, a machine that pushes the shovel in the ground. Always that signature yellow gold. You know its a CAT shoes without see any logo. A new silhouette able to identify immediately the american brand. That was GREG’s wish.

BlackRainbow x CAT shoes is not revolutionary. BlackRainbow x CAT shoes is just a reflection on creativity.

How invent what does not exist?

How to create a sneaker for a brand that has never been without betraying its history, its past, its image?

This shoe is unique, it does not look like any other, it is unique because it is the start of a new silhouette for CAT footwear.

Unique because it is the first collaboration with a French label. When the sneaker-culture meets workwear.