Launched early this year with a tagline boast of being ‘Simply Perfect’, this new range from adidas is a cocky start to a whole new ballgame. Whilst SLVR appears to be a high fashion concept, adidas PR describes it as ‘affordable, attainable and ultimately wearable’ which, given prices for the footwear are all under €130, seems fair enough. Perhaps the most interesting SLVR footwear innovation is what the shoes don’t have. Like the deadpan Stan Smiths of yesteryear, the range has no adidas branding, no trefoil and zero stripes. The only indication of a maker’s mark are three horizontal bars. There’s also tote bags, socks and a line of classically basic clothing that has a slight sport tinge to it, and even SLVR flip flops.

With design on the minimalist side of things, there are a few unconventional elements. The standout on the men’s footwear side is the 7 Piece Shoe, which as the name suggests, is made from a six piece upper glued to a single outsole. Most sneakers are made from at least 25 pieces so I guess the shoes have had quite a bit of thought put into them. All the cotton in the garments is organic, which is also a nice touch.

Distribution suggests SLVR might be more of a marketing driven project – pop up stores in Paris, Miami and LA along with the adidas Brand Centre in Beijing and Sport Performance Centres in Moscow and Berlin will stock the label. Other than that, it’ll be available online sometime this year. Along with Y-3, the new SLVR reinforces adidas’ enthusiastic embrace of all things fashion. Check out some of the men’s collection below and for more information on the brand, hit up our feature here.