More than just a neat play on words, the Air Revaderchi is a breath of fresh mountain air in a world gone stale for the same-o, same-o silhouettes. We’ve already seen the Japan exclusive Sophnet Revaderchis and the retro of both the immaculate OG models, not to mention the crazy Fruit Platters, but here’s something altogether different, something that your favorite Geography teacher would be all over like lamb korma on rice.

The Supreme Revaderchi features chestnut leather with a little beige wedge and a flat-black sock-liner that produces a simple result that is totally in sync with the ACG oeuvre. After the Okwahn and Rhyolite from last year, it’s nice to see some other ACG belters dusted off and freshened up for the progressive heads who are yearning for something different, even if it is 15 years old. Au revoir!