Release date Each style is limited to 124 pairs. This release will be available at SNS Stockholm and Malmö September 25th.

Back in 1998, a year before we opened up the doors to Sneakersnstuff, there was only one spot in Stockholm worth visiting: Boutique Sportif. Founded by a man with many names: Jonas Wiehager, also known as Fat White Dude, also known as the Artist is a living Stockholm legend. If you were into anything street culture back then, Jonas was most likely one of the persons involved. Actually he is still very much involved. Boutique Sportif is no more but Jonas is still around, as the proud founder of the Boutique Fräsh Show (tradeshow in Stockholm), he’s a long time WeSC Activist and also the inventor of the Superdrop technique.

The Superdrop technique he is using gives an echo but is still the complete opposite to Jackson Pollock’s so called action painting. Instead of quick strokes and intensity Jonas lets different colors carefully drip from the brush on to the canvas. He fast-forwards the art from the impressionisms pointillism through Pollock to Damien Hirst’s precise and geometric “dot-paintings”.

Peter Jansson, co-founder of SNS, about the project: “Lacoste is known for their timeless design and we really wanted to keep it classic so we decided to go for the Rene Lacoste tennis shoe from 1963, the most classic Lacoste shoe available. When I showed Jonas the Rene Lacoste shoe he said that it was just the style he would pick. I guess great minds think alike. Jonas was a given choice when we first sat down and started to talk about who we wanted to involve in this project. As a part of the SNS 10 Years Anniversary we wanted to give Lacoste a little Stockholm flavor, and who better to collaborate with than a man nicknamed Mr. Stockholm?
We introduced Jonas to the person that made this project possible: Mark Godwin. Mark was super easy to work with and got everything right from the start. Jonas did a lovely job on his version: a very fine leather version featuring Superdrops and the Jonas signature. The SNS version is all about colors and squares and as you can see really inspired by the SNS 10 Years Anniversary site. We went for a canvas version that we think turned out great.”