A few weeks back we previewed the FEIT MOC MID, now we can show you the follow up release, the STITCHDOWN.
As with the MOC MID, you get a beautifully designed boot that is totally made by the hand of one master craftsman. The material is Kudu suede, which is the most insanely soft, most premium, most luxurious leather we’ve ever felt. The shoes are also lined with super-soft buffalo leather, which is nice if you don’t like socks or have foot-pong!

You can read FEIT’s manifesto on their site, it’s certainly packing a meaty punch. Freed from the constraints of “Flamboyant marketing budgets, unsustainable rents, saturation sales targets and the reckless pursuit of growth”, FEIT have shown there is a new way of doing business. With all the overheads removed, the huge savings are passed on to the consumer. They have also worked out a neat method of limited production, whereby the Maximum Capacity is dictated by the availability of materials that they have to hand.

In this case there’s only 24 pairs in the grey and 24 pairs in the black.

We recently sat down with Tull Price, the founder of FEIT, for an interview which you can read in Issue 18 of Sneaker Freaker. Order your copy here and you’ll get a special edition 3D cover, while stocks last.
Pick up your FEIT Stitchdowns here.