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  1. Jason Cohen says:

    Best news ever. These are grails right there. Absolute perfection, hope i score!

  2. Franco Cavalloni says:


  3. prodri23 says:

    please release them in generous amounts

  4. Guest says:

    No need
    to say, good things!

  5. Raffi Hakoupian says:

    love these! been trying to hunt down a pair forever! so stoked, have these to go with my other sneaker freaker collabs like the bushwackers and flashs

  6. gpak says:

    all they need is some fhat laces!

  7. TakedownTJ says:

    i want these so bad

  8. Nicky 'swish' Lew says:

    Is there a release date on these bad boys yet? I seriously need these in my life to add to my growing blaze of glory collection as I missed them first time!

  9. Funka holik says:

    Deos anybody knows by what price they’ll be selling out?

  10. Kareem Ansari says:

    anyone have a list of the stores in the US that will have them????

  11. prodri23 says:

    what other websites will have these? and for the sneaker freaker webshop, you don’t have to be on some exclusive connection stuff to have a chance to purchase do you?

  12. BartPrim says:

    I lost my pair to my vengeful ex-gf. I’ll be so happy to get these again!

  13. BartPrim says:

    Is it a 12AM online or 9AM online?

  14. jkg says:

    will we be able to use paypal

  15. lucas dal says:

    Saturday what time? what time zone?

  16. Davide Preck Presa says:


  17. Wu Jones says:

    So exactly what time are these going on sale. Australian time zones, US times zones ?

  18. nyc2013 says:

    r these sold out already?

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