After a super-fast T20 style build-up and some unsettled barometric pressure, we weren’t sure exactly how our Issue 18 launch party would go down. Needless to say, it was an absolute maniac of a night, with all of Melbourne’s tribes coming out of the woodwork to lend us a hand. Star attraction was definitely Globe’s most excellent mini-ramp. Freshly installed in its own room within their new warehouse complex, its ‘100% radness’ was universally declared by Melbourne’s skate illuminati, including Anthony Mapstone, Kerry Fisher, Jack Kirk and Corbin Harris. Luckily G-Shocks are made tough, as some of the messy spills and thrills had the medics on stand by!

The competitively deranged atmosphere on the ramp was pitch perfectly maintained by the Oakland fader himself, DJ Platurn, who kept the punters bop bopping along like a well tuned Monaro. Sneaker Freaker member Ncision also got the party started right! On top of all the stuff we had planned, a motley and well seasoned collection of hotrodded motor bikes, muscle cars and the obligatory fixie crew rocked up – this was literally a heady mix of skaters, sneakerheads and wam-bammers from all four corners of the Burn!

The night was also our first chance to unveil the full 3D effect of our Alvin Purple cover and poster. We gave away a stack of mags and here’s the photos to prove it! Get your copy now while stocks last.

With excellent fare from the Salford Lads Club and enough Carlton beer to sink the Belgrano, this was one night of cultural mayhem that set the bar 10 feet high for our next escapade. Thanks to Steve Douglas at Globe who pulled all the loose ends together and to everyone else, we thank thee from the bottoms of our Size 11s. Consider Issue 18 well and truly launched!

Sneaker Freaker 18 launch party from Jonty3000 on Vimeo.

Thanks to Saintside for the video!