The only thing better than looking at yourself in the mirror on a good shoe day is watching your significant shawty roam the concrete jungle in a puffy pair of fresh Jordans. ‘Go forth and conquer these streets, girl,’ you cheer on with binoculars pressed to your joyful salty eyes. Sneakerhead or not, no one can deny a lady is in her true element in a pair of leggings and some retro Js – no one! – so here we serve up an entree of pictures of girls reppin’ MJ on-foot that will hopefully lead you to the glorious buffet out there on Instagram and beyond. No, women are not food, but they do look delicious when they’re wearing Grapes Fives or Wheat 13s. Enjoy the gallery above, and look out for #girlsinjordans on Instagram and the Jordan Girls Facebook page.