By now you’ve seen the knee-shakin, earth-quakin Nash Money x Sneaker Freaker x DOOM (yes that’s right, good ol’ Metal Face himself) Puma Sneaker Speakers, made using a pair of massive speaker-sized Puma Suedes. Here’s a behind the scenes look at their creation. It was no easy feat slicing and dicing through the biggest Puma Suedes ever made. Our man Nash toiled for weeks turning these improbably trainers into a pair of master blasters, packed with state of the art hi-end audio gear, flashing LED sequences behind the controls and cones, and even an ignition key to start the whole rig rocking! To see them in their full glory make sure you check out our Nash x Doom X SF Puma Sneaker Speakers feature, and be sure to order Sneaker Freaker Issue 21 which is now shipping with a special collectible Nash x DOOM cover – see it in jumbo vision here. Cheers to the crew at Lex Records for their help hooking together this crazy collab!