Watch: Virgil Abloh Gives a Crash Course on Creativity

September 8, 2017

Virgil Abloh’s ‘The Ten’ event with Nike is in full swing; exhibitions are running, the collaboration is on display and master courses have begun – the best of which is this crash course. In a public interview with Phoebe Lovatt, he breaks down his key creative processes and influences.

A treasure trove of nuggets is revealed, applicable to anyone trying to succeed in a creative industry. One thing he pushes, in reference to athletes like MJ who never do anything part time, is this: nothing great is done without obsession. Interestingly, for a man who’s just made the year’s most-hyped colab, Virgil also admits that he’s not really a sneakerhead. Go figure. The clip is almost an hour long, so grab your pen and pad, get comfy and get ready to soak up some knowledge.

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