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Reebok Aztrek 1

Released in 1993, the Aztrek was a trailblazing runner that went on to forge a legendary reputation at Reebok. Symbolic of the decade’s predilection for beefy cushioning concepts, the Aztrek featured a generous ride height and Reebok’s Hexalite tech in the heels. Asymmetrical reinforcements gave the toe area an off-kilter vibe.The design was penned by Christian Tresser. Young, adventurous and supremely talented, Tresser wasn’t bound to the conventions that steered many of his seasoned contemporaries. In original spec, the predominantly white upper was festooned with black branding, 3M reflective dots and vibrant mint pops. Angular micro-suede panelling flashes across the underlay of silky mesh. Endowed with kinetic midsole contours and an aggressive outsole pattern, the rugged off-road runner was fully equipped to carve a new path in the footwear world.

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