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Air Jordan 11

The Air Jordan 11 is considered the crème de la crème of Jordan sneakers. The design concept reportedly came to Tinker while he was mowing the lawn. Glossy patent material wraps the bottom half of the shoe to protect the polymer-coated ballistic nylon upper, satisfying Jordan’s request for a shiny sneaker that could be worn with a tuxedo. Translucent soles exposed the innovative carbon fibre shank that underpinned the construction. The AJ11 is Tinker’s favourite design and arguably the most hyped model in the entire Jordan canon. With sparkling white uppers and black patent leather, the ‘Concord’ edition resembles ‘spats’, the dressy footwear fad that went out of fashion in the Al Capone era. Back in 2011, American malls erupted into scuffles and riots when the ‘Concord’ retro released – a level of pandemonium no Jordan release has inspired since.

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