May 8, 2017

One of the most strikingly original shoes of this year is the new ACG Terra, designed by Nike’s Michael Sarantakos. It’s actually a second crack at the Long Ball sandal, which was created by Mike Aveni for big wave rider Laird Hamilton to train in. With a crazy ‘waffle’ sole lashed to a running upper and cement-free ‘Considered’ thinking employed in the construction, the TERRA is a water-friendly trail shoe that’s lightweight and outrageous in popping vintage colours. We were digging on the lilac/gold/pink colourway and realised it reminded us of some vintage rarities – check out the Air Base and Air Terra we dug up as evidence.

There’s also a matching sister shoe known as the Pocket Knife which appears to have some similarities with the old Footscape in terms of side-lacing. That flap, in case you’re wondering, is for keeping debris out of your laces! We’re tipping ‘em as future obscurists classics – can you dig it?

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