Sneaker Defence

Are you sick and tired of having your super-cool-impossible-to-get-limited-edition kicks stomped, scuffed and scratched by fools?

SNEAKER DEFENCE™ is the world's first – and ONLY! – military-spec VIP perimeter footwear fencing security system. Custom designed in Ginza by a crack team of ex-NASA scientists, SNEAKER DEFENCE™ utilises nano-technology to safeguard the feet of aficionados.

Simply flip the box open and deploy SNEAKER DEFENCE™. Mud-footed intruders and wannabe stompers will be instantaneously repelled by the imposing sight of 24k faux-gold bollards linked with patented fwit-knit™ that fuses premium titanium gossamer thread with dry-roasted Tibetan yak fur. Ask yourself one question - isn't it time you gave your kicks the red carpet treatment?

 NOTE: Shipping is taking a lot longer than normal due to COVID so please be patient. It may take 6-8 weeks to arrive...

SHIPPING - Our webshop is in AUD (approx .70 to USD, .61 to the Euro and .55 to the pound) so the price is cheaper than you think.

Watch the video here.