Issue #16

The highlight of Issue 16 is undoubtedly the most insane feature we’ve ever created. How about a 26 page mega-history of the Reebok Pump? We’ll bringback the eighties when Reebok were flying high. From Dee Brown to Michael Chang and the original team who worked on the project, we nailed this Pump feature to the wall. Throw in an arsenal of never-seen-before Pump prototypes and the world’s biggest vintage Pump collection and you’ll be jonesing for your old Boks for sure!


• Exclusive pics of our new SNKR FKRR x New Balance 'Skippy' sneaker

• Levi Maestro shredding and reviewing his favorite non-skate kicks

• The cheapest sneaker collector in the world – you won’t believe this tight-ass!

• Crooked Tongues talk about their new éS Foothills collection

• Frank The Butcher reveals his new NB x Concepts colab

• The Ransom boys from Canada hold adidas hostage

• The ladies are on lock with our ‘Girls Got Kicks’ expose and a look at sneaker heels!


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